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RAME Field Meeting 2017 Opening Message


Dear friends and colleagues,

As RAME Chairman, it is my distinct pleasure to extend an invitation to each of you to participate in the upcoming 2017 RAME Field Meeting to be held this May.
For this year’s RAME Field Meeting we find ourselves in one of the largest cities in Africa, Casablanca. A city so culturally diverse that a movie had to capture its essence portraying the romance and beauty the city has to offer.

The economic activities in Casablanca are key to the country’s growth. The Port of Casablanca is one of the largest artificial ports in the world, and the second largest port of North Africa with one of the most important Casablancan exports being phosphate. The Casablanca and Mohammedia seaports activity represent 50% of the international commercial flows of Morocco and the keep up with growing demands the entire waterfront is underdevelopment.

As the city continues its growth, I would encourage all to come and join us in Casablanca for what is a highly anticipated 2017 RAME Field Meeting consisting of high level speakers, in-depth panel discussions and key note presentations covering emerging topics in the regions of the Africa and Middle East.

Our hosts this year, the Association des Freight Forwarders du Maroc (AFFM) have been working tireless to put together a well-balanced agenda which is sure to highlight clear actions for the industry but also provide great entertainment with the Gala Dinner and City Tours to help us unwind. The Field Meeting also aims to attract and cater to young talent through special day dedicated to training and career guidance.

So my friends and colleagues, I extended to you again the invitation to register and participate in the 2017 RAME Field Meeting. I look forward to meeting you all in Casablanca.


Basil L. Pietersen
RAME Chairman