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FIATA President’s Message

2017 RAME Field Meeting


Dear Colleagues,
Dear Friends,

Considering the vast importance of regional logistics connectivity in the coming years, it is no surprise that the upcoming 2017 RAME Field Meeting is being held in Casablanca, Morocco which is the leading force in the economic development of Morocco and represents the key economic trading node for the African-European region.


This past year in 2016, Morocco have hosted a number of international events ranging form UNFCCC’s COP 22 to the WCO’s 5th International Single Window Conference. Now the mantel has passed to the freight forwarding industry to showcase our global impact through the 2017 RAME Field Meeting with no better place than Casablanca which represents such an inclusion of ideas and desire for collaboration.

Although a regional meeting, I believe that FIATA’s involvement in such an event is critical in order to ensure alignment across the entire international logistics industry. The regional meetings such as RAME are excellent opportunities to hear from our local members and identify areas where FIATA can support them on the global scale. I know that the RAME Chair and other key FIATA delegates, not just from the region, will bring much value to the event and help grow the industry.

I am positive that this meeting’s contributions will push logistics development and connectivity forward and attract further investments into logistics projects throughout the region. I will be following developments closely and looking forward to a very successful conference.

Yours sincerely,

Huxiang Zhao
FIATA President